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Interview Prep

[Paid, 2499INR] Interview Guidance and Mock interview sessions with Deepanshu Kalra to step up your interview game!

Learn SQL

[Free] SQL Interview Prepration doc for beginners and experts. Stay Tuned for a power-packed SQL Workshop in May, 2022. 🔑

Resume Template

[Free] Read and use this and Never be worried about having a bad resume ever. 🔑


[Paid, 1499INR] Workshop on June 4th to learn about Interviews, Prepration Strategies, Job Applications and more.
Waiting for one FAANG interview call, get many!

Learn Python

[Free] Python Interview Prepration doc for beginners and intermediates. Start coding with Python today! 🔑

Monthly AMA

[Free] monthly Ask me Anything meetings on different topics, open for everyone!

Career Mentoring

[Paid, 2499INR] Helping people working in data fast track their careers or bringing it back on track. Book Now!

Learn DSA

[Free] Collation of wonderful DSA resources, stay tuned for a lot more coming in this area. 🔑

Data Warehousing

[Free] Not going to write anything here. It's not like any of you read this anyway.

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